Cotton production falls

By Tabitha Mutenga ZIMBABWE stands to lose over US$250 million revenue annually in cotton exports. Previously cotton, also known as the white gold had economically uplifted places such as the hot and semi-arid marginalised areas like Gokwe in the Midlands Province. Besides bringing in the much needed foreign

Govt to set up solar equipment testing lab

By Phillimon Mhlanga GOVERNMENT is set to establish the country's first dedicated solar equipment testing laboratory to ensure that solar products meet the recommended quality standards, the Financial Gazette can report. The proposed multi-million dollar project comes at a time when there are serious concerns over sub-standard

ISIS, 2016 United States elections

By Ken Mufuka LETTER FROM AMERICALast week, I wrote about the Democratic Party plan to win elections in 2016. Democrats have a general sympathy for the poor and the oppressed. Therefore, they hope that foreign affairs will not be important in 2016. In this, they may be mistaken.

The return of Taso

By newsday Afro pop musician Shepherd Kunodziya, affectionately known as Taso, has resurrected from nine years of career oblivion with the release of a new DVD album last week. The return of Taso : NewsDay Zimbabwe. more Read the article from : Newsday