ZOL Brings you Netflix. Because You Deserve Entertainment Like This!

If you are not a ZOL customer in 2016, this is the year to join the ZOL Fibroniks family.  Why? Because ZOL is bringing Netflix right into your homes! Just as the year began, Netflix announced that it will be providing the video on demand service to Africa, with Zimbabwe being one of the countries were this service will be available.

Previously any attempt to access the Netflix site would indicate the unavailability of the service. Now, users who visit www.netflix.com will be directed to a country page for Zimbabwe and they can proceed to create an account and access the service.

“So, what is this Netflix?” you may be asking yourself. Netflix is a multinational provider of on-demand internet streaming media, providing subscription based film and television program rental service. The Video on Demand (VOD) service allows internet connected devices access to Netflix’s library of online content, and allows numerous individuals to take advantage of one individual’s subscription by insuring they login to their subscribing profile on the non-subscriber’s smart device/computer. By subscribing to Netflix, a person or a group of people can have access to international media content such as the latest movies, documentaries and television series, as well as Netflix original programming like Daredevil, Arrested Development and Orange Is the New Black.

Through Liquid Telecom’s fibre, ZOL brings you the best experience in entertainment that Netflix has to offer. As it stands, Liquid is the only provider that can support Netflix through peering.

Peering is the exchange of traffic between two networks. If a network does not peer with another network its traffic will have to be carried by a third party to the destination. Liquid is a global carrier with peering agreements with global internet companies such as Netflix. This direct connection between Liquid and Netflix means when the movie you want to watch leaves Netflix, we carry it directly from the source straight to your computer! There is no middleman or possible bottlenecks that will affect your experience.

So what does this all mean to the Fibroniks customer or the avid fan of good entertainment? Netflix represents the future of entertainment, and as with all things trending, you do not want to be left behind on the excitement. Netflix bridges the gap between traditional satellite TV services like DSTV and movie/DVD releases by giving you the best the world of entertainment can give, when you want and on any device you desire. Best of all with Fibroniks On The Go, ZOL Fibroniks subscribers can look forward to enjoying this service at any ZOLspot, giving you world class entertainment anywhere you are. As it stands there are no Mobile Network Operators that provide unlimited data to support HD streaming, making ZOL Fibroniks the number one option for an uninterrupted Netflix experience.

Feel free to share with us your Netflix experience whether on ZOL or any other Zim ISP… #GreatThings for #GreaterPeople


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